Woodley Festival
In March 2019 we entered two Choral Verse Speaking classes of the Woodley Festival.  The children in KS2 won a gold medal and the KS1 performers were presented with a silver medal.  Many children in Years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 also entered the Individual Verse Speaking Classes and we came home with two bronze, four silver and two gold medals from these classes too.  We are very proud of the children as for most of them, this was their first time in a competition of this kind. Please see the videos below of the Choral Verse children rehearsing for their performance.


We go swimming for one term with our teachers and class mates (in Years 3 and 5). Swimming is really good because we don’t only have fun, we improve our swimming skills. 


We take part in a concert in the Hexagon every year. This year we took part in the choir of 400 children, in front of around 1000 people. There was around 15 people from our school from year 6, 5 and 4. We got to play the instruments like the maracas, glockenspiels and a lot more. All the songs were about food, shopping and cooking . The performance was called a "Mouthful of Music". We had to do a lot of practice. We knew all of the words of the songs. From our school, Joseph and MoLi sang the solo part of a song that was about making pancakes.

Osmington Bay is a trip the Year 6 pupils take for a whole school week. We go every year. It is a great opportunity to be independent and get to know each other. We do lots of fun activities like rock climbing, abseiling, rock pooling, quad biking, orienteering, map reading and a disco! We went to the shop and bought things like sweets, coke and souvenirs.