Grazeley Parochial C of E Aided Primary School has a distinctive ethos which is at the centre of school life. We provide an inclusive, supportive and caring environment, shaped by Christian values in which children can learn and flourish. We welcome applications from all members of the community without reference to ability or aptitude, and irrespective of whether they are of the Christian faith, another faith or no faith, but we expect parents to respect the Christian ethos of our school. 


Please see the policy below if you are interested in applying for your child to attend our school.

Following consultation, the Governing Body of Grazeley Parochial Primary School has amended their admissions arrangements for 2018-2019 admissions.  The main change is to allow out of catchment siblings ahead of in catchment new families.  Other changes are minor and just improve the flow of the document.

We would like to offer the following points to support our decision in making this change:

1)      Our school’s geographical location dictates that all children need to travel a good distance by car to our school.  There are very few houses in the village itself.  Therefore very local children would unlikely to be denied a place due to siblings in the new criteria 4.

2)      Our strong family ethos is something we hold very dear to our school and it is important to us that all children from one family should have the opportunity to attend the school if the first child has gained a place. The Governors’ strong view is that having all siblings at the school creates a better home/school partnership than those who would potentially be attending two or three different schools.

3)      Last year, a child who’s sibling already attended the school, was unable to gain a place due to the current criteria.  This caused huge amounts of stress and worry for the family and consequently affected the current child’s well being and academic achievement at the school. We have historically found that this situation is rare and is unlikely to affect a lot of children in the current criteria 4.

4)      As required, we review this policy every year, and would amend the criteria again if there were to be changes to the surrounding area and make up of our school community.


Please see the 2018-2019 policy below: