Grazeley Governors

The Governors of Grazeley come from a variety of backgrounds – some are appointed by the Church, some by the Council, and some are elected by the staff and parents - all are equal.  Our duty is to the School and to ensure that the School is doing its job properly.

 The full governing body meet three times a year. This gives us a opportunity to have informed discussions and ask questions about how the School is running, and whether any changes are needed or resources allocated to ensure that we are meeting our duties. Governors also sit on a committee which focuses on a specific area, committees have between 4-6 meetings a year.    

 It is important to note that we do not decide what is taught, or how it is to be taught: teaching is a professional responsibility which must be left to the Headteacher and her staff, aided and advised by educational experts.  Our role is to decide on priorities within the School, and to allocate resources to ensure that the staff can do their jobs effectively.

Governors also try to visit the School whenever we can – it’s a much more interesting place in the daytime, when it is full of children working, playing and learning, than it is on the nights when it is empty and we have a heavy agenda to deal with. 

 If you would like to know more about the role of the governors, please get in touch through the Clerk governors email: