Grazeley Curriculum

Our School Curriculum

We meet the needs of the individual learners at Grazeley by providing opportunities to be independent, be responsible and to build resilience. They develop and build a growth mindset by learning from their mistakes, embracing challenges and persevering when it is difficult.  

Children are taught how to build relationships amongst their peers, across the school and within the wider community, through our Christian values.  They will understand how to be kind and recognise and acknowledge kindness in others. We value and embrace difference and use our experiences to deepen our understanding about diversity, taking every opportunity to support children to build a global view and respect others’ faiths and ideas. 

Children apply skills and knowledge they have learned across our curriculum and are encouraged to make connections between their learning.  Children benefit from broadening and enriching experiences which are designed to anchor their curriculum knowledge memorably and meaningfully. Consequently, children build cultural capital preparing them to be successful adults in the wider world.