Grazeley General Election will take place on Thursday 8th June.Parents can vote between 8.30 and 9.10a.m. and between 3.10 and 3.40p.m.
There are three parties. Here is some information about each of them to help you decide how to vote:


Hello, my name is Aimee Thacker the leader of the Awesome Democrats. You should vote for our party because we will get you:

  •        Better glue sticks for every class because the ones we have at the moment are not very good
  •        More outdoor toys with a new toy box to keep them in because the toys we already have are old
  •        A new ball pump to pump up footballs, rugby balls, netballs and basketballs because they all need pumping up
  •        Blue writing pens for Sycamore and Oak because the ones we have are running out.
Thank you for listening and we hope you will vote for us.

Hello. My name is Emily Edwards, leader of GGB. Which stands for Grazeley Get’s Better. We believe that we can make Grazeley better with our ideas. We will get sports equipment such as footballs, skipping ropes, tennis balls, velcro catchers and swing ball for P.E.

 We will also get equipment for in the classroom that we are lacking. Such as really good pritt sticks and whiteboard pens.

We hope to bring back the school bell which will ring at the beginning of the day, lunchtimes and the end of the day.

We will have more D.T. lessons which will include cooking in the Oompa Loompa room.

 For each team we will get a toy animal mascot.

We will also have a cake sale every three weeks until we start having ice creams. We will use the money to buy more things if we don’t have any of the £100 left.

We hope you like our ideas and will vote for us.

Thank you 


Hello. I am Scarlett Rees-John leader of Unite. We want to make Grazeley the best we can, so that’s why you should vote for us. Are top 5 ideas so far is a cosy zone in the library for playing and calming down, a toy sale so that everyone can bring in old toys for the cosy zone, sports equipment like footballs and skipping ropes and if you have any other ideas for equipment please tell one of our members, we would have some slime for calming down in the cosy zone and our final idea is a cooking club. Our party would like everyone to work happily together. The sports equipment would be used for P.E and for on the playground. The cosy room will have a rota so that everyday a different class will have a go. The cooking club will be run by a volunteer. The slime will really calm people down when they get angry.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!




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