January 2020

1st January 2020

Happy New Year! We all hope you had a good Christmas break. This year has got off to a very good start, with new trips, resolutions and lots of fun activities.
This New Year, we have many things changing and being introduced, including performances, clubs and lots more. We have changed our team point and our behaviour systems slightly to make things easier for everyone. They are now both online and we can access it from staff iPads as well as computers.

We now have three more clubs to offer to our students, Mad Science, Hockey and Fencing which we hope students will enjoy. This year we have set ourselves some New Year resolutions. We have our own ones to follow, but as a school, we decided to focus on our behaviour around the school.

In the next term, some children will be doing Woodley festival, a poem competition, and WASMA, a concert where the theme is a sea voyage this year. Grazeley children have also been chosen to help play some of the instruments at that concert.

By Chloe Davies, Ella King and Sam Briercliffe.
This month at Grazeley, we have been focusing on the value of kindness. We have had a “wear blue day” arranged by the school council to show kindness over bullying. They have also set up a sponsorship event where KS2 took part running laps around the playground to raise money for Bullying UK.
Coming up, we have an internet safety day when our year 6 pupils will be teaching the younger children how to stay safe on the internet. The children will also take part in further planned activities in their classes to promote safe and sensible online use.
A couple of weeks ago, Grazeley’s years 5 and 6 had a fun filled (but slightly intimidating) Victorian day in their classroom-based on their trip to reading Victorian workshop. It enabled them to get a taste of Victorian life, but also to have the fun experience of dressing up as one! The children had a choice of dressing up as a boy or girl. The girls wore plain grey/white dresses with a scruffy apron over the top. They also wore a white frilly hat along with dirt and mud on their face. The boys were to wear their school trousers along with a shirt and a mucky waistcoat with mud on their faces as well (even though there were some in posh suits!)
Just before half term, we held a STEM week, when children had the opportunity t take part in activities connected with science, technology, engineering and maths.

By Ivy Thompson, Annika Schieke and Harry Thames.

Recently, we have been very busy at Grazeley School. We have had multiple competitions, games and fun activities that everyone has worked very hard at.

KS2 have been very active, taking part in football and netball sports. They have done very well and thoroughly enjoyed them. Also, year 4 have been taking on a play with year 3 as their support. They have also been lucky enough to go on a school trip to Ufton Court to further explore their topics in history. Year 5 have also been on a trip to Leighton Park School to dig deeper into STEM work.

As a school, we have been very busy with competitions. We held an Enterprise challenge to raise money for our school. The PTA gave each child £1 to start a small business. The children spent their pound on things they needed for their business. Some children had more money as they teamed with their friends. In total, we made over £1600!

We also completed projects for Book Week. Year 4, 5 and 6 created dioramas out of cardboard boxes and other various materials. They all made their favourite scene from their favourite book.

Lately, we are making sure all the children wash their hands or sanitise their hand before going outside for break and lunch. We have also installed new toilets for KS1 and for the middle part of the school.

As WASMA and Woodley festival came close quickly, the children have been working very hard practising music and poems and it turned out brilliantly!

By Chloe, Ella and Sam.