3rd March 2016

In March, we have had a lot of exciting activities such as gymnastic competitions, Hexagon concert Victorian day, gymnastics competitions, a visit Reading and a lot more!

In the freezing sleet and rain, Year 5 completed Bikability training over two days on the 1st and 2nd of March. It was very cold but it was worth it, we learnt about signalling and decision-making whilst safely riding a bicycle, as well as the Highway Code.  As it was so cold we had hot chocolate afterwards.

The children in Willow and Cedar classes have been doing competitions representing our school they said that it was nerve racking and great fun. They did floor routines and the vault. They worked hard and were a credit to the school.

Fourteen children from Years Four, Five and Six performed in a concert in the Hexagon theatre, with children from other Wokingham schools.  We sang lots of songs and performed a dramatised version of T.S.Elliot’s poem “Macavity, the Mystery Cat”.

Oak Class went to the Reading Museum and learnt about Victorian schools. We learnt how the school worked; children would be caned if they did not behave well - Archie was “caned” for his supposed bad behaviour - and if they got answers wrong, they would have to wear the dunce’s hat as Emily did during our visit. We also looked at the Huntley and Palmer biscuit tin exhibition and photographed some of the Victorian buildings in the town centre.


Having been to the museum, Oak class held a Victorian day, which was a lot of fun. Children and adults had to dress up in Victorian clothes. We made some bread and wrote in copy books; the money was in pounds, shillings and pence and imperial weights were used in problem solving. We have looked at the old Grazeley School log book to find out what live was like in our own school in the early twentieth century.

The Year 5 and 6 children continue to be “reading buddies” for the children in Chestnut class – a weekly activity that is enjoyed by everyone in both classes.

The Easter assembly had contributions from every class and included some lovely singing from the whole school. It was followed by hot cross buns for children and parents. The PTA organised a raffle on the last day of term, when some lucky people won Easter prizes!

Ted Welling and Maddie Wright