Maths is taught as a subject for an hour each day following the new National Curriculum 2014. It is also integrated into the teaching of other subjects.

The work covered includes understanding and using the number system, calculation strategies, measures, shape and space, and data handling. Children practise mental maths each day and are given frequent opportunities to apply their understanding and reasoning skills to problem solving and real life contexts.

Children learn through whole class, group, paired and individual work. Discussion and practical work play an important role alongside written work and children are helped to learn at their own particular level.

In Maths, ICT plays an important part in teaching concepts and helping children to practise key skills.

We actively encourage parents to allow children to handle money, especially as we live in the age of card payment. 

Useful websites


Key Stage 1 Numeracy

Digger and the Gang - BBC online activities

Ladybird - games for early years

Little Animals Activity Centre - 4 - 8 yrs

Number Time - BBC site


Key Stage 2 Numeracy

Count On - games and so much more!

Digger and the Gang - (lower juniors) help to find the buried treasure

Digger and the Gang - (upper juniors) at the circus

Fraction Jackson - fraction activity

Maths Online - loads of tips for working with numbers

Mathematical Dictionary - for children

Maths Year 2000 - lots of maths games

Maths club - Lots of fun