February 2017

1st February 2017

Before Christmas, the whole school went to the South Hill Park pantomime, where we watched Cinderella. We saw a fake Honey G and everyone enjoyed the performance. We also enjoyed our Key Stage 1 production of “Lights, Camel, Action” and finished the term with a carol service.

After a few months of preparing, our new team point system is now in place. Now we have tubes of tokens, so we can easily compare the number of points. Typhoon (one of our four teams) has filled their tube already, meaning that they have won a treat. Now every team starts again without any team points.

Cedar (year 3) went on a trip last week to a synagogue, as they were studying Judaism in class. They enjoyed wearing a kipah, seeing the Torah scrolls, learning about the Passover festival, the games they played and they enjoyed tasting the food they ate.  

A week or so ago, Year 5 and 6 boys played in a football tournament inside the Madjeski complex (but we didn’t do very well); however it was exciting to be where the Reading home matches are held. A few days ago our football team played Sonning School at home and we beat them 10-5.

About a month ago, the whole school was given homework about planning our spiritual garden. Soon, the staff and parents will choose the best plans and put them into action.

A few days ago, we held an ‘anti-bullying day’, on which we had to wear blue and the prizes for the best anti-bullying/friendship poems were presented.

This week, the whole school took part in the first round of a competition called Word Mania, most of the classes were 5th or better in the South East of England. However, Hazel class (year 1) was 1st in the South East! Word Mania is a game where you get given a set of 15 letters and you have to make as many words as you can, the higher the multiplier the more points you get. Your multiplier is increased every time you make a word. We are also taking part in BBC Radio 2’s 500 word competition, which is a story-writing competition.

Mr J. Driver is writing a play in which years 3 and 4 will perform before Easter and Years 5 and 6 will accompany the play with music. In March, 15 children from Oak and Sycamore (years 4, 5 and 6) will participate in this year’s WASMA show.

This term, in Sycamore (year 4 & 5) they have been studying rivers as their main topic. The students in Cedar have been learning about what life was like before the Romans in addition, rocks and fossils, and they will also open a museum to the school. Here in Oak (Year 6), we have been taught about reversible and irreversible changes, and also how the political map changed after the world wars; Mr P. Driver visited us to show his art printing, as we are learning about printing. Hazel (year 1) have been learning about homes and materials and Chestnut (our youngest children) about toys, while Willow (year 2) are learning about inventions and lighthouses.

William Liu-Gillman and Isaac Kennington