Spring 2019

1st January 2019

January and February 2019

 Happy New Year

On February 1st Grazeley School had a snow day; students had three days off, of school including the two day weekend. During the next week and a half, builders will be here to build toilets for Chestnut Class and pupils at all ages will have to go use the other toilets until the new ones are ready after half term.

Year 4 gymnastics

On Friday the 25th January, six skilled and brave year 4s came second in a Wokingham Schools event, representing Grazeley. They set a great example for the infants.

Maths Challenge

Four of our Year 6 pupils took part in a Maths Challenge at Eagle house School along with over forty schools. They worked hard and performed creditable at some tricky maths puzzles.

Internet safety

February 5th was Safer Internet Day; children from Year 6 came down to younger classes to show them videos about how to be safe on the internet and make the right choices.

Beth Cook and Daisy Allen

March 2019

Still busy

After last terms Key Stage 1 children performed their Christmas play, “Prickly Hay” to an appreciative audience, Years three and four performed an amazing play (Written by our brilliant Mr Driver) –Why the sea is salty- to an audience full of awe.

This term there will be Rugby tournaments for the older children and a Netball tournament for year three and four coming up. We wish them all good luck and hope they do well.

Year six have also just received their secondary school placements and everybody is happy with where they’re going.

We will be singing in Wasma, a concert for primary schools from all over Wokingham, at the Hexagon. We are also lucky enough to be playing the percussion instruments this year. A large group of children will be representing Grazeley at Woodley festival, competing in individual, dual and group speaking. We wish them all good luck.

We have had a brilliant World Book Day, all of us coming as Roald Dahl characters. We had lots of Golden tickets and Twits, as well as Friendly Giants and Enormous Crocodiles. For Comic Relief, we’re having an open mic stand-up act, where pupils can tell funny jokes to all of their key stage.

STEM week is coming up and will be doing lots of activities that involve Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. At the end of the term, we have a PTA Easter egg raffle, where we will hopefully win some chocolate eggs but before that we have been cooking and eating delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

We are enjoying the term and are continually using our core values; Love, Hope and Peace.

Beth Cook, Daisy Allen

April 2019

By the time you read this, we will already be back at school, ready for the summer term, so we will fill you in on what’s been happening.

We have had lots of successes in Woodley festival, winning an individual and group gold medal, several silvers and a couple of bronzes too. We are very proud of them all.

When we performed in Wasma, it went really well. A group of children performed a poem about Dinosaurs and this year, Grazeley was chosen to play the instruments. We all managed to keep in time and it turned out to be a very enjoyable performance.

Years 3 and 4 have performed a play, set in Vikings times, called “Why the sea is salt”. They performed exceptionally well and everybody who watched thoroughly enjoyed it. As their class trips this term, they went to Ufton Court to learn about Vikings and get a bit more knowledge ahead of their play. They came back with face paints and Viking jewellery, so I think they had a fun day.

As always, Red Nose Day was a big hit and we raised lots of money for charity, by coming in dressed as something funny or red. The stand-up comedians from the school did a very good job of making us all laugh. We are also holding a Sponsored Spell to raise money for the Alexander Devine Hospice. We hope to improve our spelling too!

In STEM week, we did lots of code breaking and scientific experiments. All of KS2 did an experiment involving packaging eggs and testing to see if they would keep intact when dropped from a certain height. Most of them worked! We also did lots about RAF’s 100 anniversary and flight, including making and flying paper aeroplanes.

The Year 6 recently prepared and showed a Team assembly. The classes enjoyed learning about Earth Hour 2019, when different cities across the world turned their lights out for an hour on the 30th March to highlight the dangers of climate change. They have also been learning about different types of renewable energy in geography.

Years 3 and 4 competed in a netball tournament and managed to get to the quarter finals. They did really well and we are very proud of them. Year 4 and 6 boys also competed in a rugby tournament. They did not get into the play-offs but we are very proud of their determination and result.

Year 6 have been learning about Shakespeare and were invited to see a play about him, put on by the theatre students of Reading University. It was very funny and also educational and the class were able to participate as well as watch. As well as learning about Shakespeare, they have been working towards their SATS, along with Year 2. They have been working very hard and we hope they will receive good results.

Easter is coming up and every class has been asked to create a piece about the Easter story for the service at St. Michael’s Church. The PTA are hosting an Easter raffle and children are hoping to win some chocolate eggs! The PTA are also running a film night in May where children are invited back to school for hotdogs and popcorn while watching a film.

As we go into the summer term, Grazeley will be launching a range of new after-school clubs like Athletics, Tennis and Golf. We hope that the sun will continue to shine and it will be a warm April and May.

Daisy Allen and Beth Cook.