Starting School September 2020

Welcome to all the new Grazeley children
A very warm welcome to all our new children to the Grazeley family.  This page should help you find everything you need for your child starting school in September 2020 and help with the transition to "big school" during this very challenging time.  Below you will find a video to show your children to help them see the the school environment and get ready to join us.  We hope you find it useful. 
Below you will find the video of the "New Starter's meeting" on Tuesday 7th July 2020 which talks you through what to expect when your child joins us. You should all have now received your "Starting School pack" and we hope you find it useful.  If you have any questions or worries please don't hesitate to contact the school office 
Phonics Support Videos
Please find below helpful videos from Mrs Clifford offering guidance for how you can help your child use the sound cards in your starting school pack.  We strongly recommend that before you start using the cards to help your child recognise the sounds (phoneme- grapheme correspondence) that you work on hearing the sounds in words orally.  Each video gives some great ideas for learning to orally blend and segment and once your child is starting to do this more independently then we would encourage you to start introducing the cards. 
Introduction to phonics
Initial sounds
Silly Soup - initial sounds
Fred Talk
Silly Soup - oral blending
What's in the box?
Fred says
Learning the sounds  m  a  s  d  t
Learning the sounds  i  n  p  g  o  
Learning the sounds  c  k  u  b
Learning the sounds  f  e  l  h  sh
Learning the sounds  r  j  v  y  w
Learning the sounds  th  z  ch  qu  x  ng  nk
Speedy Sounds